Samstag, 25. Juli 2015

Moving Blogs, YouTube Updates & Soup Magazine

Long time no see! 

There has been a lot happening lately, and I have kept you up to date on my Lolita Blog & my Official Blog. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to leave this blog slowly, so make sure to save the new URLs to your favorites today! 

Lolita Candy Life 

Keeping the name of this blog alive in the next generation, I decided to run a lolita blog seperately to my main one under the big URL (, that feels a bit more relaxed.
I am really happy about the views and feedback I am getting on it, and I am definitely going to continue there.


I decided to update my YouTube more regularly (once a week) and it seems to be working out great!
I have downsized massively on equipment, but since I started my Patreon the other week, I am looking forward to more support and getting some parts to make my videos more interesting & up the quality a bit. Donations so far have already helped me to get a subscription to the editing program I was testing out with in my latest video: 

There have been a lot of make-up videos lately, but I really want to focus on going out more and showing some parts of Japan to you, that I really enjoy, so this video was a good start. 

Soup Magazine 

Last month I got to model for Seto Ayumi 's new collection, which can be seen in the latest Issue of SOUP (2015 / 09), a popular street fashion magazine in Japan. Soup belongs to the same group as KERA (which I've been in 2015/01) and Gothic & Lolita Bible.
The magazine wasn't the only thing the pictures will be used for, so stay tuned on my Twitter about that! 

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Candy Life - Lolita Blog Launch!

Hello you all and welcome back!

Today I launched my new blog "Candy Life - Lolita Lifestyle" which - as the name might give it away - is a lolita blog. 

What is "Candy Life"? 

I have posted a lot of lolita related content on all my social media, including my main blog "Hime's Candy Life", which will contain less of my wardrobe from now on, but more actual life updates regarding my book(s), appearances, articles, and so on. 

"Candy Life" will focus solely on my Lolita activities, and shall work as a guide for beginners and veterans. It's also an intro to a new project that I'm working on, the details on that are to be concluded in the next few weeks.

Those of you who already know about it, as I asked you in advance if you want to be part of it, please keep quiet about the details until they are concluded to the public.

Why change blogs now?

As I said earlier, it's part of a bigger project that I'm working on right now.
I am not really changing blogs, I am just separating my lolita posts from the other, personal posts. I have already been building this one down in the past weeks, as you might have noticed, and I am more than happy to change the format of updates from now on, but you will see!

I hope for your support on both topics, and if you are subscribed to this one for Lolita, I hope you are happy with the switch!

Will there be any lolita themed content on my other blogs?

There will be, especially on ameblo. However this is what I'd like to share outside of the project and may not be focused on guide and wardrobe posts any more. I will cover other Japan centred interests, like I did before, and I will keep posting reviews on "Hime's Candy Life", too. At the same time, my official blog launched, which will contain more recent updates than this one from now on, containing more detailed posts about performances, announcements and reviews, as well as more frequent updates.

I hope you can bear with me, while I am setting everything up, and I am excited to hear about your feedback on the new pages, as comments are enabled.

See you, 


Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

Harajuku Kawaii Week 2015 & Moshi Moshi Ambassador

Welcome Back! 

It's been a while, and I have been really busy.
Last weekend Harajuku Kawaii Week took place. HaraKawa for short, is an annual event hosted by my agency Asobisystem, that invites everyone to watch fashion shows and the performances of our artists!

This was my first time appearing at HaraKawa, though I participated in similiar events in London and Tokyo in the past year. 

Fashion walk with Eva

Though for me the work started behind the scenes on Friday, Saturday was the first day of the event.
Starting in the noon with the Harajuku Fashion Walk, and followed by my first show of the event, joining Aymmy in the Batty Girls on the runway for their summer collection.
The new line features island prints and generally put us in a holiday mood!

Finale of the Aymmy show

The second day started a whole lot earlier, with a really heavy wig and a long time in the changing room. I was getting ready to be Sailor Moon for the ACOS Cosplay fashion show!

Me as Sailor Moon in the show

From backstage

The whole event was a whole lot of fun, I got to try many new things, got to meet my friends again, some of them taking a trip from Osaka and Nagoya to join the line-up! 

Also: Today my article on Moshi Moshi Nippon released, titled: 
"Meet Moshi Moshi Ambassador Himezawa!"

You can read the English version HERE and the Japanese version HERE

The four Moshi Moshi Ambassadors!

As an addition I'd like to invite you to our next Moshi Moshi Friends meeting, taking place on May 28th at Moshi Moshi Box in Harajuku! You get the chance to join us in our activities, so make sure to drop by if you are around.

See you! 

- Himezawa

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015

TaoBao / YoyBuy Haul [Winter 2014]

Welcome Back! 

!!! Please note that this is an older post I forgot to put up before I left to Japan !!!

A while ago I recieved a package from Yoybuy, which included a months worth of TaoBao shopping. A lot of these are an addition to my Lolita wardrobe post, which I put up in November. 


TaoBao is a shopping site in China, that's a lot like eBay over here, you need a shopping service to buy from it if you are living outside of China. Everything is usually pretty cheap, but beware of shipping replicas into your country. Also: You have to pay the tax and handling fee for importing goods from China into your country. In my case, shipping and customs are usually more expensive than the actual products. 


YoyBuy is one of many shopping services that helps you buy items from TaoBao. They offer many different shipping options, I always go for EMS. Their communication with both sellers and buyers is really good, and I barely had any troubles from their side before. 



Samstag, 4. April 2015

Beauty Day! Eyelash Extentions & Gel Nails

Hello and Welcome Back! 

This friday I spent my day off in my favorite salons, getting ready for a really busy week at work.
Since I'm a model and I'm free to change anything about my appearance as I like, I decided to get eyelash extentions a while ago, which I have sticked to since. 

First Stop: Espoir (Shibuya) 

Espoir is well-known among my Gyaru friends for their nailart, nail and eyelash extentions.
Located really close to Shibuya station (5 minutes walking), easy to find and offering English menus, it makes it worth a visit, even if you are just in Japan for a holiday.

I got all my eyelash extentions done there, and I am really happy with the prices and results. 

I always come back when I am in need for a new fill-in, and I can recommend it to my friends. 
The staff is really friendly and patient, they are used to foreigners coming in as well.

Eyelash extention close-up! 

I had a photoshooting the next day, so getting a few more lashes added on was a great idea. 

Next Stop: Vlli Vlli Room (Laforet, Harajuku)

On the ground floor in Laforet I made an appointment at VlliVlli, a shop that offers unique nail seals and gel nails for a low budget. Their unique nail seals can be purchased in store, and taken home or -  for a little bit more - made into gel nails.

I took a month break since my last gel nails, but I am happy to get some new ones for my coming photoshootings and events. I can't help but love their designs, as there are new ones coming in every season, it's really hard to decide.

It takes about an hour until finished, so bring some time when you visit VlliVlli Room.

This time, I decided on a light blue and gold flower design, it's one of my favorites this season, and it reminds me of the first gel nails I ever go there. A lot in my summer wardrobe matches light blue and gold. 

I also got some Etude House lipsticks while I was in Laforet. I really fell for lipsticks lately, as I had to cut down massively on my eye make-up since I got lash extentions and nothing liquid is allowed around y eye area anymore.
After all that I made a brief stop at my favorite restaurant in Shinjuku, for a perfect end of a perfectly relaxed day. 

See you next time, 


Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

YouTube Space Tokyo

Welcome Back!! 

After filming and editing the whole day, I thought I should give yesterday a little write-up and post it on my blog. 

Yesterday I finally got to visit YouTube Space in Roppongi, Tokyo.
I've seen a lot of my favorite creators hanging out and filming there, so I thought I should maybe give it a try. I got to film a little bit, and luckily I had a friend with me to help me out. 

YouTube Space is hidden away really far up in Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills.
The view from there is breath taking!

On my way in, I met Sekiguchi Aimi, who interviewed me for a TV show on Tokyo MX a few weeks ago, and she didn't recognize me at first. I am glad I got to meet her and her friends!

The cafe space got a Purikura machine (photo booth) with special YouTube seals to decorate them with. They get printed instantly and sent to your phone, so you always get a nice souvenir. 

Lately I decided to add on to my main channel and expand to a 2nd one just for daily vlogs.
If you haven't checked that out yet, here it is: More Himezawa 

... And here's yesterdays VLOG: 

I started to really enjoy filming all the small events in my life, even if it is just a nice day out with friends. I am happy to share them with you more often from now on!

See you soon!